Cavity Wax
    Gravel Guard
    Sprayable Seam Sealer
    Heavy Duty Coating

    Trim Masking Tape
    Perfection Masking Tape
    Parking Sensor Protectors
    Fine Line Tape
    Fine Line Striping Tape
    Soft Edge Foam Tape
    Fleece Wire Harness Tape

    Aerosol Spray Wands
    Air Drying Equipment
    Caulking Guns
    Decal Eraser Wheel
    Digital Tire Inflator/Deflator
    Engine Cleaning Guns
    Foam Guns
    Infrared Parts
    Spot Weld Cutter Sharpener
    Seam Sealer Gun
    Spray Guns
    Undercoating Guns
    Universal Coupler


Our tapes are specifically engineered with our customerís job in mind by delivering premium quality tapes to save time and money.

Perfection Masking Tape
High quality Japanese rice paper masking tape can be used for paint masking, temporary protection for inside/outside storage and general applications.

Trim Masking Tape

A specially designed masking tape with a flexible, clear plastic edge used for masking around sunroofs, taillights and windshields.

Parking Sensor Protectors
Parking Sensor Protectors are specially designed to guard parking sensors from damage and paint during bumper repair process.

Fine Line Tape
A specially designed tape whose resilient PVC substrate provides good solvent resistance, high conformability and a smooth sharp mask-off edge.

Fine Line Striping Tape
Tape especially developed for the easy application of pin striping.

Soft Edge Foam Tape
A low bake safe, round foam masking tape used to mask door jambs, hoods and trunk lids to prevent overspray during the refinishing of automobiles.

Fleece Wire Harness Tape
A noise reducing, abrasion resistant textile protective tape especially designed for manual cable harness production used in the passenger compartment of automobiles.
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