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Seam Sealer Gun

Professional gun for spraying and extrusion of sealant products, soundproofing and protective materials (single component). The gun is designed to accept both plastic and aluminum cartridges. The gun is hermetically sealed which avoids hardening of the product when not in use.

The adjustments to air and product flow make it possible to obtain any desired finish. By changing the spray cap, special extrusion nozzles can be attached for easy spraying of doorskin seams and other beads.

  • Nickel plated brass body
  • Chrome nozzle
  • Spray cap and extrusion cap included
  • Stainless steel needle
  • Airflow adjustment
  • Product flow adjustment
  • Air atomization adjustment
  • Approximate air consumption: 200-300 L/min
  • Working pressure: 3-5 bar (max 10 bar) 40-80 psi (max 140 psi)
  • Made in Italy
  • Product ID: PM/2
Seam Sealer Gun Attachments

Operating Instructions for Seam Sealer Gun (PM/2)

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