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Tekton® 99 Deck Coating

Protects against fading, graying, peeling, mildew and extends the life span of wooden boards and structures. Engineered to withstand abrasion, weather and UV degradation on wooden surfaces.

  • Outlasts Stains
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Roll-On Application
  • Abrasion and UV Resistant
  • Up to 12 times Thicker than Paint
  • Single-Component Product
  • No Primer Needed
  • No Mixing or Shaking Required
  • Two Year Shelf Life
  • Dries to a Low Luster Finish
  • Available in Several Colors


Excellent adhesion on dry pressure treated wood.

Water-Based Coating; 1 Gallon Covers 50 Sq Ft
Protects against fading, graying, peeling, mildew and extends the life span of wooden boards and structures.
Easy Roll-On application. No special primer needed.

Recommended for Use:

✓ Interior / Exterior
✓ Decks
✓ Patios
✓ Porches
✓ Balconies
✓ Fences
✓ Piers
✓ Animal Enclosures
✓ Siding
✓ And More

TK99 should be applied on clean, bare, primed or painted surfaces free of oil, dirt, grease, etc.
Do not thin by adding water or solvents.
A properly applied coating, 0.5 to 1.0 mm (20 – 40 mils) will maintain its original elasticity for many years without cracking or peeling.

Do not store in direct sunlight. Do not freeze.
Should be stored in a cool and dry place and has a 2-year shelf life when kept in temperatures between 45° – 85° F.

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