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Total Coat® Rust Prevention Coating

New Technology, 3 in 1 Protective Coating; Rust Converter, Primer and Top Coat combined. Apply on solid, rusted surfaces without need for rust converter or primer.

  • Combines rust converter, primer and top coat in one product.
  • Fast Drying and Cure Times
  • 1 Bottle = 37 Fl Oz
    Covers 16-20 Sq Ft
  • Dries to a hard yet flexible plastic finish
  • Can be Painted Over
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Light Orange peel finish
  • Apply with Gun or Roller
  • Protection for machinery, vehicles, equipment and structures
  • Protects against Rust and Corrosion caused by Salt Spray, Acid Mist, Sand, Chipping, Animal Waste, Fertilizer
  • For Automotive, Industrial, and Agricultural Applications
  • Apply at Temperatures between 60° and 90° F
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Total Coat RPC is a liquid plastic coating, water based, specially formulated as an exceptional rustproofing, corrosion and abrasion protection material.

It’s advanced mixture of synthetic polymers, combines a rust converter, primer and top coat in one product; for Fast, Easy application!
Use a roller, or apply with a spray gun.

Outstanding adhesion properties on metals, fiberglass, wood and painted surfaces.

  • No solvent emissions.
  • No over spray.
  • No spray booth needed.
  • Single-component product.
  • Do not thin by adding water or solvents.
  • No mixing or shaking required.
  • Two-year shelf life. Keep from freezing.
  • Non Flammable and odorless when cured.
  • Paintable when fully cured.

Free of PVC’s, VOC’s, isocyanates and asbestos.
Substitutes traditional asphalt/rubber-based products, with a solvent-free, non-toxic, plastic product.

Do not store in direct sunlight. Do not freeze.
Should be stored in a cool and dry place and has a 2-year shelf life when kept in temperatures between 45° – 85° F.

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