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Perfection Masking Tape

High-quality Japanese rice paper masking tape used for paint masking, temporary protection for inside/outside storage.

  • Tape is UV-resistant and can be used outdoors for up to 4 months and indoors for up to 6 months.
  • Can be used with solvent and water-based paint
  • Provides clean sharp edges, can be easily re-positioned
  • Infra-red compatible (212°F for 30 minutes)
  • Can be used as fine line tape for straight lines (not curves)
  • 30% thinner than vinyl Fine Line Tape
  • Semi-transparent
  • Stronger than crepe tape
  • Temporary protection for inside/outside storage


This high quality Japanese rice paper masking tape can be used for paint masking, temporary protection for inside/outside storage and general applications. It has excellent adhesion on a variety of substrates including certain plastics and rubber, up to 6 months after application. Superior acrylic adhesive allows for smooth removal with crisp lines and residue free surface.


  • FOL 82: 1/4 x 60y
  • FOL 83: 1/2 x 60y
  • FOL 84: 3/4 x 60y
  • FOL 85: 1 x 60y


blue fine line tape

Fine Line Tape

Specially designed resilient PVC substrate provides good solvent resistance, high conform ability and a smooth sharp mask-off edge.

Fleece Wire Harness Automotive Tape

Fleece Wire Harness Tape

Soft, textile, protective tape developed to safely wrap wire harnesses in passenger compartments, headliners, door and trunks of automobiles.


Trim Masking Tape

Perforated, flexible trim masking tape with a clear plastic edge used to mask sunroofs, taillights and windshields.