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Foam Pump Sprayer

Make car washing faster and more effective. This pump comes with 3 extra spray nozzles to produce more or less foam as needed.

  • 3 Different Nozzles Included
  • Working Pressure: 30 psi
  • Max Pressure: 45 psi
  • Stainless Steel Springs
  • Tank Capacity: 2L
  • FPM (VITON® Gaskets)
  • Replacement Parts Available
  • Made in Italy
  • Product ID: AL4002F


Dimartino Foam Sprayer will make car washing faster and more effective.  The cleansing foam will stay on the vehicle longer while removing dirt and grime.  This pump comes with 3 extra spray nozzles to produce more or less foam as needed.

The large tank capacity allows for less filling and longer spraying.
Recommended for cleaning interior and exterior of vehicles, windows, bathrooms, etc.
No need for water hose electric cords or pressure washer.

Practical snow foam-forming pressure pump, suitable both for use in the professional sector and domestic cleaning and in any other situation it is necessary to dissolve and / or degrease dirt by the foam.

Its use is recommended for cleaning kitchens, windows, cleaning of interiors and bodywork of cars and various vehicles.

• valve for a long-time pressure maintenance
• steel rod
• safety lever
• springs in AISI 316 stainless steel
• snow foam jet
• set of 3 foam-forming jets
• FPM – VITON® seals

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