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Pressurized Spray Bottle

Pressurized spray bottle, hand held sprayer for easy application of brake cleaners *, degreasers, cleaners, detergents, shampoo, fertilizers, etc.

  • 2L tank = less filling = longer spray time
  • Wide mouth for easy filling
  • Adjustable spray nozzle (stream to mist)
  • Chemical resistant (check compatibility here)
  • Heavy duty industrial grade plastic
  • Measuring marks on bottle (ml)
  • Sturdy Construction
  • VITON® gaskets
  • Metal pump plunger
  • Made in Italy
  • Replacement Parts
  • Product ID: AL4002
  • * Not compatible with products that contain ACETONE
  • * Do not use for Non-chlorinated brake cleaners


This pressurized spray bottle offers convenience of an aerosol, at a fraction of the cost. It is easily cleaned and versatile enough to be used for a diverse range of products. The translucent bottle has measuring marks and is made from industrial grade, chemical resistant plastic making it ideal for use with almost any task.

Durable, sturdy pressurized spray bottle with an adjustable spray nozzle (sprays from stream to mist).

Easy application of degreasers, cleaners, detergents, shampoo, fertilizers, brake cleaners * , etc.
* Do not use for non-chlorinated brake cleaners or products containing ACETONE

Equipped with Viton® Gaskets
Suitable for spraying solvents, fuels, scale removers, waterproofing, anti mold, oils and lubricants.
Check the chemical to be sprayed for compatibility with the VITON® Gaskets before ordering.
Chemicar USA is not responsible for failures due to the spraying of incompatible chemicals.

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