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Heavy Duty Undercoating Gun

Featuring a large intake tube and wide mouth tank, the RA/M undercoating gun makes applying undercoating, rustproofing, bedliners and other thick liquids easy.

  • Ergonomic solvent resistant handle
  • Wide mouth fill tank
  • Body: Die cast: Zn + Al + Mg Alloy
  • 1 liter aluminum tank
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Noise level <80dba
  • 1/4″ NPT air connector
  • Bayonette closure on tank
  • Adjustable nozzle for different textures
  • Working pressure: 45-90 psi (max 120 psi)
  • Approximate air consumption: 5-8 CFM
  • Made in Italy
  • Product ID: RA/M
  • Brand: PMT
  • Replacement parts available

Designed with comfort and ease in mind, this heavy-duty siphon undercoating gun is equipped with an ergonomic solvent resistant handle and wide easy-grip trigger.   The large intake tube (9.5 mm) and wide mouth fill tank makes the RA/M an excellent choice to spray many different products ranging from undercoating (wax, water or bitumen-based), cavity coating (wax-based) to stone chip protection (rubber, water or urethane based), bed liners and other thick liquids.

With its adjustable nozzle, the RA/M offers different spraying textures ranging from fine mist to more pronounced textured finishes. Optional rustproofing and undercoating wands are available to attach for hard to reach places.

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