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Undercoating Spray Gun

Spray Gun designed for spraying undercoating, protective waxes, soundproofing and gravel protection.

  • Nickel plated brass body
  • Aluminum tank
  • Stainless steel needle
  • Pressure pot system
  • 1/4″ NPT air connector
  • Set up to spray 1 Liter cans (BSAIIWB)or loose fill
  • Set up to spray 1 Quart cans (BSAIIUSA) or loose fill
  • Approximate air consumption: 200-300 L/min (7-10 CFM)
  • Working pressure: 3-4 bar (max. 10 bar) 40-60 psi (max. 140 psi)
  • Weight: 1.6 kg/4 1/2 lbs.
  • Made in Italy
  • Replacement Parts Available
  • Product ID: BSAIIWB


The BS undercoating spray gun features three adjustments: air flow, product flow, and product atomization allowing the user to recreate a wide variety of patterns and textures. Supplied with a set of spray wands to apply wax based rustproofing in doors, cavities, beams etc. This under coating spray gun is hermetically sealed which prevents the product from hardening during work breaks.

The BSAIIWB can be equipped with the optional Undercoating Wand (item # BS39). This allows for spraying of Undercoating in hard to reach places behind mufflers, exhaust pipes, etc.

How to install the wands:

  1. Close the air regulator on top of the tank (BS45) (BS/A WB Model Only)
  2. Remove the sprayhead cap (BS02)
  3. Attach the desired wand to sprayhead (BS03)
  4. Open air control knob (BS19)
  5. Adjust product flow as needed by turning product flow control knob (BS09)

How to clean the wands:

  1. Purge all product from the wand by pulling the trigger halfway.
  2. Rinse the wand with a solvent/water to dissolve the product left inside.

IMPORTANT! When spraying cleaning solvents with the gun, ALWAYS close the Air Control Knob (BS19) first. Atomized solvents are extremely flammable. Properly dispose of cleaning solvents as per local regulations.

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